New Products

OHK Version2, Japanese edition has newly joined our products and is on sale now. OHK Ver.1, English edition is also available and on sale now. OHK Version2 is not just a sequel of Orthodontic Hyper Knowledge. It has progressed from the old version in all aspects. Keeping the basic concept of Orthodontic Hyper Knowledge, the new OHK has renewed the contents, the graphical user interface, and the design. Medigit knows that the essence of the graphical user interface is focused on improving usability, reliability, and effciency. OHK Version2 enables you to simultaneously see the multi-views, switch the frame size, and play the demo-movie in the two-way frames. The design concept is "simple and user-friendly". We have introduced the colorful background design so that the user could instantly get a clear vision on the PC screen. As to the contents, the latest orthodontic treatment technique is available in addition to conventional treatment method contained in the old version. Orthodontic Hyper Knowledge is appreciated by many educational organizations and dental professionals due to its high-quality and advanced design concept. As an electronic encyclopedia of orthodontic treatment, OHK has been establishing its place in the world.

Entry date: November 2004.

Our sale division moved to a new office last September. The contact information of sales division is shown below.
Address: Hanshin Jyuken Ekimae Building 301 7- 14-19 Fukushima Fukushima-ku
Osaka-city Osaka, Japan 553-0003
Tel: Country Code(Japan) + 6-6453-0327
Fax: Country Code(Japan) + 6-6453-0380
Representitive: Mituko Inaoka
High speed internet lines, that is called broad band, are wired at the new office, so we can respond to your request quickly as soon as it comes in. Also, our bilingual sales staffs are always available during business hours. They politely comply with your requests in English. Medigit always appreciate if you contact us with questions about our products.